1. Ascott Raffles Place Singapore

Ascott Raffles Place Singapore is a 25-minute drive from Changi International Airport. The popular Orchard Road is a short 10-minute drive away.

The hotel is housed in a restored heritage building.

2. Ascott Raffles Place Singapore2

The lobby is colourful and the red shaped fabric sofa will bring you joy.

This hotel apartment is very good and the furniture products inside are also worth the experience.

CXDesign has made a sincere effort for this, I hope you will like it.

Ascott Raffles Place Singapore2

3. Ascott Raffles Place Singapore3

The configuration of the apartment is very good and you will be satisfied.

You can contact us for information on custom furniture and accessories, such as sofas, bookshelves and chairs.

Please feel free to contact us and we will reply as soon as possible!

Ascott Raffles Place Singapore3