1. Cebu Ocean Park

Cebu Ocean Park will open in 2019, so stay tuned!

This is the exterior glass project of the park.

2. Cebu Ocean Park 2

Fluorocarbon aluminum frame + LOW-E glass, the material used in this project is really very good!

Similarly, good materials and high-quality construction techniques make the project more perfect and safe, and bring a better travel experience for visitors!

Want to know more? Have a video on the homepage of the website, or contact us directly!

Cebu Ocean Park 2

3. Cebu Ocean Park 3

This is our CXDesign professional installation team. There are many years of experience in installing aluminum doors and windows.

Safe, efficient, create value for customers!

Cebu Ocean Park 3

4. Cebu Ocean Park 4

The aluminum used in this project is a famous branded product.

This is also the embodiment of CXD to maximize customer benefits!

Cebu Ocean Park 4