Aluminum Panel Curtain Hollowed Wall

Aluminum Panel Curtain Hollowed Wall

The curtain wall aluminum veneer is mainly divided into the following categories: pull net aluminum veneer, double curved aluminum veneer, outdoor curtain wall aluminum veneer, fluorocarbon aluminum veneer, shape aluminum veneer, imitation stone aluminum veneer, imitation wood grain aluminum single Plate, curved column aluminum veneer, engraved aluminum veneer, punched aluminum veneer.
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Aluminum Panel Curtain Hollowed Wall

Building decorative PVDF fluorocarbon spray curtain wall material aluminum veneer.


The outdoor curtain wall aluminum veneer is made of high-quality high-strength aluminum alloy plate, and the structure is mainly composed of panel, rib and corner code. The corner code can be bent or stamped directly from the panel, or it can be formed with corners on the flange of the panel. 

Strengthen the connection with the electric welding screw behind the board surface to make it a solid whole, greatly enhance the strength and rigidity of the aluminum single board curtain wall, and ensure the flatness and seismic resistance in long-term use.



1. Strong weather resistance and strong UV resistance. The surface shape of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer is not deformed, the color is very long-lasting and stable, and the color is kept at least 10 years or even 20 years without discoloration.

2. Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer is easy to clean, easy to clean with water, easy to maintain, easy to install and disassemble, and meets environmental protection requirements.

3, fluorocarbon aluminum veneer excellent acid and alkali resistance, can withstand the natural environment of the wind and rain, the weather changes in the four seasons.

4, sound insulation, shock absorption performance is good, you can punch any hole on the surface of the fluorocarbon aluminum veneer or add sound-absorbing rock wool sound-absorbing insulation material at the back to play the flame retardant performance. Non-toxic smoke occurs when fires are avoided.


Outdoor curtain wall aluminum veneer color: wide color range, bright and beautiful, good texture, with monochrome paint, metal paint, can meet customer requirements to the utmost.


[Scope of application]

Widely used in hotels, hospitals, exhibitions, stations, airports, etc.;

Aluminum Panel Curtain Hollowed Wall

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