Cebu Philippines Aluminum Doors And Windows

Cebu Philippines Aluminum Doors And Windows

Glass curtain wall installed on the second floor of a building
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This is a live picture of the Cebu project in the Philippines.

1. Our team is in the process of installation。

4 Outdoor installation

2. Internal situation after installation.

6 Internal view

3. Focus, work hard, and reach the goal of a successful installation project.

2 Aluminum frame installation

4. The appearance of the LOW-E glass is very beautiful, and the beautiful scenery outside is on the glass.

3 Low-e Glass

5. After the installation of the aluminum frame and the glass is completed, the edge sealing treatment is performed.

5 Edge banding process

6. The overall installation is complete, and the beautiful appearance is presented.

1 Cebu Project

We have many years of experience in aluminum doors and windows and curtain walls, production and installation will provide you with quality service!