High Rise Building Exterior Glass Curtain Wall

High Rise Building Exterior Glass Curtain Wall

Glass curtain wall refers to the building exterior structure or decorative structure which can be displaced by the supporting structure system relative to the main structure and does not share the main structure.
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High Rise Building Exterior Glass Curtain Wall

The glass curtain wall is a beautiful and novel method of building wall decoration, which is a prominent feature of the modernist architectural era.


There are no other decorative members outside the glass curtain wall, and a large-area mirror surface can be formed, and the hidden frame formed by the silicone sealant is faintly flashed. Its simple decorative style, fantastic visual effects and transcendental artistic concept make the building more Modern style and super value.


High Rise Building Exterior Glass Curtain Wall


Glass curtain wall features

1. Good permeability - no steel support frame, no cable, no tie rod, hanging rib glass through stainless steel plate connection, hanging large piece of glass through the support point and rib glass on the stainless steel plate, therefore The area of the entire tax office is blocked to a minimum, and the field of view is widened to the maximum, so that the large space has a strong sense of transparency.

2, good security - the entire curtain wall frame system is integrated into a whole, the entire structure is stable, through the hanging clips, claws, special stainless steel plate and rib glass connection glass, the whole system has elastic shock resistance function, and the selected tempered glass through The metal parts are mechanically fixed to the support structure, and the weather-resistant sealant only serves as a sealing function without considering other forces. Even under the impact of external force, the monolithic glass is destroyed and the "glass rain" is broken, and the whole glass cannot be present. A serious accident that has fallen.

3, good flexibility - due to the consideration of various measures in the design of metal connectors and fasteners, so that each connection point can be freely rotated, but also allows a certain displacement, to adjust the inevitable construction of civil works The error, therefore, the glass does not produce mounting stress, and can adapt to the deformation of the supporting structure after the load, so that the glass is in a good state of stress.

4, strong craftsmanship - various accessories in the point curtain wall, including some "tailor-made" accessories, and the structure can be used in many forms, with endless changes, good craftsmanship and artistry.

5, environmental protection and energy-saving - due to the pursuit of bright style of architectural point-type glass, so in the use of glass, the choice of white glass, ultra-white glass and low-emissivity glass with minimal light pollution, it is recommended to use insulating glass under the economy, while supplementing With the indoor shading system, energy consumption can be greatly reduced while reducing or even eliminating pollution.

6. Convenient maintenance - Due to the large height of the whole space, considering the various maintenance problems in the future, in the point glass curtain wall system, the glass is fixedly installed by mechanical connection, each piece of glass is a relatively independent unit, glue It is only a sealing function, so when the glass needs to be repaired and replaced, it is only necessary to operate the unit in which it is faulty.


High Rise Building Exterior Glass Curtain Wall

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