Aluminum Structural Frameless Glass Curtain Walls

Aluminum Structural Frameless Glass Curtain Walls

Hotel Low-radiation Glass Curtain Wall,it combines the wall and window into one system, which greatly reduces the weight of the building.
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Aluminum Structural Frameless Glass Curtain Walls

Glass wall  appearance could be simple, luxurious, modern, and strong. Glass wall can reflect the surrounding scenery, producing a very good decorative effect to the city.

Observing from the outside, the whole piece of the external wall is like a giant mirror, the sky, the surrounding environment and scenery are filled into the building, enriching the facade appearance. Different angles of a building show the variety of light and color, creating the dynamic beauty and aesthetics.

Aluminum Structural Frameless Glass Curtain Walls

Aluminum Structural Frameless Glass Curtain Walls

Glass curtain wall as the external mirror glass walls of the building, it can absorb infrared light to reduce the indoor solar radiation, reducing the indoor temperature at the same time. It can reflect the light as a mirror, but also can transfer the light as a glass through. The room is not exposed to strong light directly, providing soft vision for the people inside the building.

Characteristics of low-radiation glass:

Features of Online Low-E&Reflective Glass

Neutral colors, extend the architect wireless originality

Sunshine control and visible light through the perfect combination of high visible light transmittance, natural lighting

Spectral choice outstanding performance, high-end green building, low coefficient of heat transfer,effectively reduce the indoor and outdoor heat flow, keep indoor temperature constant

Break through energy saving performance, reduce the green building equipment investment, shading coefficient, effectively reduce the solar radition heat gain, greatly reduce cooling costs in summer.

Recommended application:

• School, hotel

• Terminal / car building

• Conference hall, opera house


• Reception lobby


Aluminum Structural Frameless Glass Curtain Walls

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