Outdoor Wild Hotel Tent Metal Canopies

Outdoor Wild Hotel Tent Metal Canopies

Creating luxury accommodation in the most primitive and natural environment is the original intention of the “Outdoor Tent Hotel”. This kind of temporary construction not only makes up for the immovability of the main building, but more importantly protects the natural original environment.
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Outdoor Wild Hotel Tent Metal Canopies

Camping is a short-term outdoor lifestyle, and this kind of temporary construction is based on simple operation.

We can't help thinking about whether there is a perfect combination of nature and camping.


If you open the tent, you can see the green tree safflower, the smell of the trees and trees in the tea scent; close the account door, the room color wood dining table, the wood color shower room, the log color bed, all reveal pure


Natural breath. The modern layout of air conditioning, water heaters, lamps and rocking chairs is quite charming. From the exterior to the interior details, the designer of the Himalayan tent hotel is everywhere.




Membrane structure tent advantage

1. Beautiful architectural style

The shape is outstanding, breaking the original image of traditional architecture, the flexibility of the membrane combined with the steel structure can form a unique and beautiful shape.


2, covering large span space

Because the membrane itself is lighter in weight (1kg/m2), steel structure and steel cable with high strength material are used. Fit the membrane structure across large spaces

Thereby forming a helpless long-span system.


3. Fire resistance and shock resistance

The membrane used in the membrane structure is highly flame-retardant and high-temperature resistant, so it can well meet fire resistance (B2 grade) and UV protection.

Because the membrane has a light weight and a large deformation capacity, the performance during earthquake resistance is better. (Even if it’s really an earthquake, it won’t be like

The traditional structure is so dangerous. )


Characteristics of the membrane;

It has good environmental protection, light transmission, self-cleaning and fire retardant. The surface of the membrane is made of PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) coating or titanium dioxide coating. It has good heat insulation effect and can be used for solar heat. Reflected 70%, the film itself absorbs 17%, heat transfer 13%, and light transmittance is more than 20%, after 10 years of direct sunlight, its brightness can still retain 70%.


Outdoor Wild Hotel Tent Metal Canopies

Outdoor Wild Hotel Tent Metal Canopies



Membrane structure application range

Cultural facilities - sports facilities such as exhibition centers, theaters, conference halls, museums, botanical gardens, aquariums - commercial facilities such as stadiums, gymnasiums, fitness centers, swimming pools, tennis halls, basketball halls, etc. - shopping malls, shopping centers, hotels, Restaurant, shop door (provocation), commercial street and other transportation facilities - airport, railway station, bus station, toll station, dock, gas station, flyover and other industrial facilities - factory, warehouse, scientific research center, processing Center, greenhouse, logistics center, etc.

Landscape facilities - building entrance, iconic essays, pedestrian street, parking lot, etc.


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