• CXD participated in the product preview of the 33rd Thailand Architects Expo

    The 33rd Thailand Architects Expo was held from April 30 to May 5, 2019. This is part of the hotel furniture that our CXD company exhibited.
  • The latest restaurant table and chair design in 2019

    Our newest restaurant tables and chairs were designed in 2019.
    The armrest seat is made of genuine leather and solid wood.
    The back of the chair is made of high-gloss paint, and various patterns can be designed according to customer requirements. This is very personal.
  • Hand drawn sketch design

    In fact, furniture designers need a lot of art foundation, and hand-painting is one of them.
    Our CXD designers are also very keen to design in the form of hand-drawn drafts.
    This also provides a quick initial design and timely communication when customizing furniture for customers.
  • Complete furniture technology development team

    The designer is the soul of the product, and then the design requires the support of the technical team to make the design a real product.
    We have a strong technical team and provide professional technical support to make products from raw materials to production, post-production assembly and transportation, scientifically proven and provide solutions.
  • Computer software design furniture layout

    How do customers intuitively feel the custom furniture design?
    Now through computer software, we can quickly provide furniture design and layout, so that customers can experience the actual effect of their own custom furniture.