• Furniture accessories processing workshop

    This is the real situation of our furniture parts production workshop, absolutely true!
    The workshop is clean, and the equipment and personnel are neatly arranged.
    This provides good conditions for the production of quality furniture.
  • Cut material according to the size of the data requested by the customer

    CXD's furniture production equipment is relatively complete, and the material cutting machine in the picture is just one of them. But this is the latest model in its class, and the cutting size is more standard.
  • Round edge trimming process

    Many furniture products require a round plate design. With professional equipment, the plates produced are more round and beautiful, and the appearance is more beautiful.
  • Wood board sticker dryer

    Most of the different textures of the furniture surface are achieved by attaching different textured paper products.
    The wood board sticker dryer is one of the important equipment.
    The quality of the device determines the durability of the sticker and the smoothness of the surface.