Hotel H20 Manila Project

Hotel H20 Manila Project

H2O Hotel is located in Manila, Philippines. We offer hotel furniture, hotel decoration, bathroom hardware and other products for the hotel. The hotel is very special and our custom products meet the requirements of designers and owners and are recognized.
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Product Details

1. Hotel H20 Manila 

The promise of a restful stay is fulfilled by Hotel H2O's upscale amenities and services.

1 H20 Hotel Manila

2. Hotel H20 Manila 2

The lobby furniture is simple, stylish and practical.

As shown, custom products such as seats, sofas and metal trims can be handed over to CXDesign for production and field installation.

Trust us, we will provide you with a quality user experience!


3. Hotel H20 Manila 3

The hotel’s aquarium rooms feature themed design.

With a double platform bed, bedside tables and other furniture, it offers a comfortable seating area.

Aqua Room

4. Hotel H20 Manila 4

Open the curtains and the sea is in front of you.

Aluminium windows that resist high-strength typhoons provide security.

A variety of hotel furniture kits in the rooms are provided by CXDesign. The products are of high quality and durable.

Bay Deluxe Room

5. Hotel H20 Manila 5

Hotel rooms have different characteristics.

Products offered by CXDesign, including leather platform beds, wardrobes and bathroom products, can provide products and services for different designs.

Bathroom cabinet & Bed


6. Hotel H20 Manila 6

The simple and stylish bathroom allows guests to relax.

The hardware parts are all made of 304 high-quality stainless steel, and the glass is tempered. The quality of the products will be clear at a glance, giving the guests a high-level experience.


The good reputation and quality of the project will be another proof that you understand us.

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