Hotel engineering contractor

Hotel engineering contractor

Each room at this hotel is air conditioned and features a TV. The private bathroom comes with a bidet, as well as toiletries and a hairdryer. And related to furniture, bathroom, etc., we are all involved in customized services.
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Hotel engineering contractor

IM Hotel Makati Project

1. IM Hotel Makati

I’M Hotel is home to the first and only Onsen Spa in Manila.

1 IM Hotel Makati

2. IM Hotel Makati2

The iconic "I'M" pattern in the hotel lobby combined with a backlit LED panel makes the entire lobby look even more spectacular.

The production and installation of this decorative product is one of our CXDesign works.

Is there a similar idea to achieve? Please contact us!

Fish bone screen

3. IM Hotel Makati3

Do you like this outdoor sofa, like a bird cage design?

We successfully turned the designer's design into a product and installed it in the hotel.

And this customized product has become one of the hallmarks of the hotel.

Bird cage outdoor sofa

4. IM Hotel Makati4

The room simulates the feeling of home, making guests feel at home.

The good feeling of the guests and the hotel occupancy rate are very high, and the hotel furniture products we provide are also recognized by the hotel.

Room furniture

5. IM Hotel Makati5

The hotel has a classic studio apartment. The picture shows the internal layout.

The furniture in the apartment, such as fabric sofas, dining tables, etc., is provided by us. But in fact, the kitchen cabinet is also, and customized according to the actual size.

What the customer needs is what we serve. We are a professional one-stop solution provider!


6. IM Hotel Makati6

This is the location of the hotel restaurant.

The metal + glass screen products used in the restaurant are used for space separation and are custom made of metal screens.

The glass decoration used on the column belongs to the process glass series. The pattern on the glass is provided by the customer and we craft and satisfy the customer.

Restaurant Screen & Glass

7. IM Hotel Makati7

Bathroom cabinets, glass decoration, etc. are our strengths.


We are deeply involved in this hotel project and thank the hotel for its trust.

Quality products and services are the direction of our efforts.

If you have a project that you want to complete and have ideas to communicate with us, don't hesitate to contact us! We will make you satisfied!


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