American Net Red Casual Creative High Back High Elastic Single Sofa

American Net Red Casual Creative High Back High Elastic Single Sofa

It is characterized by three fulcrum points, so that the waist, shoulders, and back of the head can rest on the curved back at the same time. These three support points do not form a straight line in space, so the technical requirements for making this sofa are relatively difficult, and the selection is difficult when buying.
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Product Details

The backrest sofa has evolved from a recliner. In order to improve the rest performance, it can also be equipped with a footstool, which can be placed in front of the sofa with the same degree as the front edge of the sofa seat.



Black matte iron tripod with fine particles on the surface to increase quality.



High resilience seat bag, slightly upturned cushion design, sitting without slipping, sitting comfortably.



Personalized herringbone tripod, thick stainless steel, anti-oxidation bright plating process.



Elegant hand shape, highly comfortable elbows fall naturally, arms relax naturally.





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