Apartment Bedroom Leisure Seat

Apartment Bedroom Leisure Seat

In the apartment, there is a uniquely designed seat that will make your interior space envied by your friends.
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In the apartment, there is a uniquely designed seat that allows your friends to envy your interior space. I believe you will have this kind of thinking? Then take a look at our product recommendations below.1586337447(1)

Seeing this shape, is there an urge to lie down and enjoy?

The ergonomic design is fully reflected in this product.The combination of gray and green is a minimalist expression.The design of the fabric soft bag can choose the color combination of the appearance according to your preferences, and we can provide personalized solutions.

The details of the product are also reflected in the small areas where leather materials are used, which increases the friction resistance and improves the durability of the product.


The pink style split lounge chair design, the combination is more flexible and can be used at will.

This product is also made of cloth materials, and the metal bracket has sufficient load-bearing capacity, which can provide you with a guaranteed sense of support.

These are all CXD's leisure furniture products. If you want to know more, you can consult us and ask for product catalogs.CXD电子画册_页面_01