Chinese Business Negotiation Sofa

Chinese Business Negotiation Sofa

The service life of solid wood sofas is generally about 5 times that of other panel sofas, and solid wood sofas can generally be used for 15 to 20 years.

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Chinese Business Negotiation Sofa

In the process of processing and making solid wood sofas, the amount of glue used is quite small compared with those of wood-based panels. The amount of glue affects the environmental protection of furniture. And the solid wood sofa is made of natural wood, which is more environmentally friendly.

Chinese Business Negotiation Sofa


The solid wood sofa comes from natural wood and combines natural essences. It combines the long-standing traditional Chinese culture with modern fashion, and integrates into the design of furniture, giving the furniture a new connotation and making the furniture design more human and practical.

Chinese Business Negotiation Sofa


Large capacity storage, freeing up large space.

Chinese Business Negotiation Sofa

Chinese Business Negotiation Sofa


Feel the life of the logs and give the guests a little more warmth. Selected natural rubber solid wood, hard and stable material, fresh and natural texture.

The rubber wood has a stable internal structure, high hardness and long service life.



High-density sponge cushion, good breathability and durability.

High resilience, dispersive pressure and comfortable sitting, delicate and soft, helping to release body pressure.




User-friendly and sleek design to prevent guests from being hurt, select high-quality rubber wood, warm color and clear texture.



Everything is carefully crafted, representing the ingenuity, round and full, bright and beautiful.




Chinese Business Negotiation Sofa


We provide one-stop services such as on-site measurement, professional advice, program customization, transportation and so on. All of these are to fulfill your needs , to make you assured and satisfied.


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