Fabric Flame Retardant Foam Sofa

Fabric Flame Retardant Foam Sofa

This is a customized sofa product for hotel KTV multi-function hall. The product uses flame retardant materials to meet the requirements of the scene.
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Fabric Flame Retardant Foam Sofa

CXD received a notice from customers this month that they need to customize the sofa products used in hotel KTV.

Since it is a customized product, everything is designed by the customer's requirements: whether it is the style, size, material, etc. of the sofa.

Fabric Flame Retardant Foam Sofa

Linen fabrics, retro rivets, anti-collision rounded corners and other designs are all suitable for the product. The internal solid wood frame structure has been fully baked and dried for durability.

The gold-plated metal stand highlights the light and luxurious style,and the design conforms to the usage style of KTV.

Fabric Flame Retardant Foam Sofa

In the same project, we used several different colors for customers' reference. In the end, the customer chose the gray in the picture above and the brown in this picture.

The design is the same, the color is different, and the decoration effect of different rooms is matched.

In addition to the flame retardant function, the sponge used this time has high elasticity and is not easily deformed. Of course, these are all environmentally friendly, which is the first condition.

Fabric Flame Retardant Foam Sofa

The last one, this one no longer uses metal sofa legs, but uses conventional rubber feet for support and anti-skid.

This advantage is that the distance between the sofa and the ground can be reduced as much as possible, and small objects such as sundries are not easy to fall under the sofa, reducing the troubles caused by cleaning.


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