Hotel Classic Nordic Leather Retro Buttoned Sofa

Hotel Classic Nordic Leather Retro Buttoned Sofa

The buckle closes the sofa cover to the sofa, and is not easy to move, neat and beautiful, and should be removed and washed. This is also a designer's concept of a washable and washable design, more stylish and upscale. High-grade furniture with high-grade pull buckles, such as the use of acrylic no grade, no shiny light refraction, set off the elegance of the leather fabric sofa. The crystal pull buckle design is made of ordinary crystal glass material. The front side only sees the cut surface of the polished drill. There is no unattainable price of real diamond, but it has the advantage of shining and shining. The back side is glued with a threaded buttonhole in the shape of a wok. Can withstand a large amount of tension.
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The advantage of the buckle leather sofa is that the sofa sleeve is closely attached to the sofa, which is not easy to move, neat and beautiful, and should be removed and washed. The first advantage is the comparative atmosphere, and it is better to clean. Good leather sofas are also more durable. Concise and well matched, it is important that the leather sofa has a better texture and is comfortable to sit on.



Elegance and art meet unexpectedly, interpreting the perfect quality of elegance and luxury. The morning sun shines through the window to experience the aristocratic life.



The backrest is delicate, soft and textured, and you can feel the comfort and relaxation of the backrest when you sit up.



Stable and durable, smooth curves, simple and luxurious, highlighting extraordinary art.

The backrest is made of leather art buckle to make it thicker and fuller, and more design.



Full of rich and textured leather, it radiates a strong warm atmosphere under the warm sunshine.





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