Hotel Room Thermal Blackout Curtain

Hotel Room Thermal Blackout Curtain

In addition to furniture arrangement, curtains are an important part of hotel rooms. After entering the room, we will naturally open the window to enjoy the view, and the curtains are very direct to the guests.
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Hotel Room Thermal Blackout Curtain

We are a one-stop hotel / apartment project supplier, and the product line is gradually extended to better serve our customers.

In addition to furniture, metal work and other conventional products, we will update the supporting products required by the project from time to time to give you a better service experience.

Hotel Room Thermal Blackout Curtain

This is a two-layer curtain fabric design, the first layer is thermal insulation and shading curtain fabric, the second layer is sheer.

Hotel curtains are generally designed with twice the length. That is, if the size of the window is 2 meters, then the size of the curtain fabric is 2 * 2 = 4m, which will produce a natural S-shaped and more layered.

Hotel Room Thermal Blackout Curtain

There are many kinds of fabrics for curtains, we do n’t introduce too much, but we have enough product supply chain and partners to provide you with different fabric products for your reference.

Every product pays attention to details. The example of the picture provided this time is the edge of the curtain, which matches the bead-shaped ornament and is full of texture.

The different design fabric layers provide a variety of choices and can always satisfy you with high requirements.

Hotel Room Thermal Blackout Curtain

Pay attention to collocation when designing the indoor environment. Curtains and pillows, as well as interior furniture design, through our products, the designer's design is in sight.

For more curtain styles and requirements, you can contact us.

We will cooperate with your design requirements to make your design a reality.


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