Hotel Tasteful Sofa Customization

Hotel Tasteful Sofa Customization

Love life and don't pay attention to it. Let the hotel provide you with a home feeling.
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Product Details

The sofa is the soul of the living room, and the leather sofa has a high value.

It is more important to be comfortable to sit on, and the texture is strong. The choice of sofas reflects the taste and status of the owner.



Other sofas have only the contact surface of the seat bag and the back bag which are made of genuine leather. The area of our sofa's genuine leather is even more, and such a large area is rarely made on the market.



The first layer of dermis has obvious small broken wrinkles when pressed by hand. When the hand is raised, the wrinkles will disappear.



The first layer of cowhide is made of skin on both sides of the belly of the cow body. The texture is soft. It is made through multiple processes to maintain excellent texture for long-term care.



Double padding, handrails filled with high-quality down, 600+ fluffy, high-density sponges effectively support human body weight.



High-density rebound sponge, moderate soft and hard, comfortable support, not easy to collapse.



Selecting hardware, after 3 times of polishing treatment, 2 times of glaze sealing treatment, 3 times of painting and baking, durable and strong load bearing capacity.



Simplify the complexity, the armrest is simple and generous. The comfortable and atmospheric armrest is scientifically designed to satisfy the arm's placement feeling and give the arm a total ease.





We provide one-stop services such as on-site measurement, professional advice, program customization, transportation and so on. All of these are to fulfill your needs , to make you assured and satisfied.