Indoor Single Leisure Seat

Indoor Single Leisure Seat

CXD has a variety of leisure seat products, whether it is a bedroom, living room, study, balcony and other indoor places, are suitable for use.

Product Details

Indoor Single Leisure Seat

Indoor Single Leisure Seat

· Iron frame + fabric finish

· Styling sponge

· Iron frame + wood grain paper

· Size:77*73.5*83(seat:45)

This product is our best seller!

You can feel the ride comfortably, high-grade fabrics, and strong load-bearing ability. As for internal details, we follow strict production process and environmental protection requirements, all for the purpose of providing quality products.

Indoor Single Leisure Seat

                             · Fabric finish                                                · Iron frame + fabric finish                                

                             · High density sponge + Air lever                · Styling sponge + Air lever

                             · Aluminum feet                                           · Aluminum feet

                             · Size: 55*45*35                                         · Size:99*77*92

Nordic modern minimalist style sofa chair

The combination of metal and fabric is more modern than wood.

The use of aluminum brackets reduces overall weight without reducing support strength. The adjustable air lever facilitates the adjustment of your setting height and improves comfort.

Indoor Single Leisure Seat

· Leather + fabric soft bag

· Black painted iron feet

· Size : 88*72*85

Black and white matching, timeless classic.

Everything is designed to make you like it and make you fall in love with life.

Ergonomic design and high-quality processing of process details all reflect CXD's pursuit of products.

CXD products can be customized. Contact us immediately to complete the product you have in mind!


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