Light Luxury Leather Casual Lazy High Back Single Tiger Chair

Light Luxury Leather Casual Lazy High Back Single Tiger Chair

The high back chair has a decompression effect. The dry sofa chair is soft and visible. The human body is less stressed, so it is more comfortable to sit on the sofa chair than other hard benches.
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Suitable for hotel lobby, hotel reception area, office, etc.



High back sofa is also called aviation seat. Compared with ordinary sofas, high-back sofas are characterized in that a person's waist, shoulders, and back brain can lean on curved backs at the same time.



Gold-plated stainless steel sofa feet, adding light luxury elements.



The sofa pillow is a cotton inner doll core.



The high back chair has a massage effect. When a person sits on the sofa and moves a little, it will cause small vibrations of springs and soft materials. The human body is subject to the elastic force of periodic changes, which is full of a sense of rhythm. I feel more comfortable sitting on a sofa.


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