Hall Nordic Minimalist Marble Round Small Table

Hall Nordic Minimalist Marble Round Small Table

The Scandinavian-style table is simple and romantic, creating a free, romantic and pleasant atmosphere.The aesthetic taste of personality has its own artistic style, and the light and simple beauty is vividly reflected.
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Advantages of marble dining table 

1.Natural texture table top is smooth and textured, very delicate.

2. Visual effect The mirror effect of marble makes the desktop look round and sleek, and the sensory effect is strong. 

3.The hardness of the non-deformable marble is very high. Use does not cause distortion, affecting its appearance. 

4.easy to clean



Marble table top, high quality aluminum alloy, strong and stable, beautiful atmosphere.



High-quality marble, clear texture, simple and smooth lines filled with natural breath.



The table for preventing collisions is designed with rounded corners to reduce hidden dangers, safer and more intimate.



Stainless steel furniture is strong and firm, hard enough, good quality and strong bearing capacity.






The surface of the marble dining table is not easily stained with dust, is not easy to scratch, and the physical properties are relatively stable;

The marble dining table also has the advantage that it is difficult to compare with various wooden dining tables. That is, the marble dining table is not afraid of moisture and is not affected by moisture;

Marble has the characteristics of no deformation and high hardness. The marble table that is taken for granted also has these advantages, and also has strong wear resistance;

The marble dining table has strong acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and there is no trouble that metal objects will rust, and the maintenance is very simple and has a long service life.



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