Metal Bracket 3 Seater Sofa

Metal Bracket 3 Seater Sofa

Modle:K20016# Frame: Brand new material, pine solid wood + plywood Filling: High density sponge Cushion: PP cotton filling Sofa feet: Metal

Product Details

Metal bracket 3 seater sofa

3 seat sofa

This is a very popular new sofa style.

The metal bracket, the waterproof and oil-proof technical cloth and the high-density sponge filled inside make this product practical and fashionable.

This product can be applied to different places such as hotel rooms, hotel lobbies, etc., and is suitable for engineering matching of hotel furniture. At the same time, the apartment bedroom and apartment living room can be placed freely. This is the design advantage of the product.

3 seat sofa

3 seat sofa

We are a furniture manufacturer. Although there are not many perfectly edited pictures, our lenses are real factory scenes.

We will not describe the details of the products one by one. When we receive your inquiry, we will provide you with detailed information about the product, even including dimensional drawings.

Products are only part of our display. We hope that through product launches, you will gain inspiration and reference to provide solutions for your customized products.

Of course, the unit price of conventional products will be relatively favorable, but as a designer, professional furniture procurement professional, what you need is more unconventional products, personalized products, we can provide you with these products!

3 seat sofa

The sofas we produce can provide different choices including fabrics and filling materials. The fabrics mainly include cotton, linen, technical cloth, leather, etc., and the filling materials include high-density sponge, latex pad, duck down and other choices.

The diversity of product materials provides more possibilities for your design, as long as you want to achieve, we all hope to help you achieve it. This is the core idea of CXD furniture series.

CXD is a one-stop hotel and apartment engineering solution, which can provide you with a range of products including furniture, hardware work, building materials, etc. In addition to the furniture factories and metal processing factories directly operated by ourselves, we also have a group of excellent partners who can provide you with quality products and services.

Please contact us and look forward to your consultation and cooperation.

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