Nordic Italian Single Waterproof Recliner

Nordic Italian Single Waterproof Recliner

The product has the characteristics of traditional European art and culture. It is made by hand, and the furniture is very individual. The materials used are generally high-grade solid wood, with excellent manufacturing technology and careful selection of materials.
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Nordic Italian Single Waterproof Recliner

This chair has been tested for environmental protection, and it feels very good. The soft sponge cushion makes it easy to sit for a long time.

Single Waterproof Recliner


In line with ergonomics, 328 people were invited to find the most comfortable angle of sitting experience. The sitting height of 40cm, the heel just reduces the pressure of the thigh, the sitting depth of 54cm, and the bag fits the waist and back comfortably. The 105cm tilt reduces the pressure on the lumbar spine. , Sedentary is not tired.

Single Waterproof Recliner


High-quality imported calfskin is carefully selected as a newly developed high-end type in synthetic leather. It has a soft hand, fine pores, fullness, and good abrasion resistance. It has excellent flexibility, firmness, wrinkle resistance, and good ductility. Effectively delays penetration and has good water resistance.



Wrought iron inner frame, strong and durable, improve product style.

Single Waterproof Recliner


Hug-type sponge filling, segmented design, 3D touch, pressure is evenly distributed and supported, fits the back of the human body, and provides the best support for the spine.



Filled with high-quality sponge, good resilience and excellent sitting feeling.



Curved armrests, wide-arc armrests with micro-arc on both sides, just right height support, hands are naturally placed and comfort is doubled.

Single Waterproof Recliner


The full seat bag is moderately soft and hard, full and three-dimensional with style, leaving a soft and comfortable memory inadvertently.



360 ° rotatable leisure chair, the hardware feet that can be rotated 360 ° use high-quality hardware accessories, and the mechanical structure is stable and safe.




Single Waterproof Recliner

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