Nordic Solid Wood Sofa Combination Black Walnut Furniture

Nordic Solid Wood Sofa Combination Black Walnut Furniture

The walnut wood has luster and texture until slightly staggered; fine structure; soft to medium; strength; dry shrinkage; easy rotation and planing; paint, glue, nail, dyeing and other properties are good. Slightly wear-resistant, dry quickly, and good quality.
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Product Details

The structure of the wood itself is more detailed. In this way, the price is relatively fine to the touch. The more detailed wood is like the skin of a baby, while some relatively thick wood is like the skin of an elderly person. It is relatively rough to the touch, so it feels like Not very comfortable. Therefore the walnut furniture itself is very detailed, and many people like it very much after encountering it.



Value is an exquisite product, from every inch of bright solid wood, every neat stitch, every skin-friendly arc. There is no upper limit to the quality of life, and time does not have to panic.



The appearance is very beautiful and shiny. Whether it is varnish or logs, you can see the neat wood grain, which is more valuable for storage.



Green environmental protection, wood stability, log color, wear-resistant and durable.



The elegant beauty created by the radian, the rounded armrest design, the multi-dimensional lines achieve softness, and the support or lightness is gently stretched.



Winter and summer, flexible and practical. Winter leather seat cushion, soft texture, comfortable and easy to care. In summer, pure solid wood seat board, cool and comfortable, clean and light.



Imported nappa leather, using high-quality yellow leather and excellent chemical materials, using advanced tanning technology, precision-made by high precision tanning equipment.



The sitting feeling is comfortable. The high-density and high-return sponge of the whole sofa completely covers the armrest, seat bag, and backrest, and naturally supports the back, waist, and hips to create a flexible and comfortable sitting feeling.





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