Ottoman Style Leather Single Designer Casual Rotatable Sofa Chair

Ottoman Style Leather Single Designer Casual Rotatable Sofa Chair

The ash is stable in wood and is not easy to crack and deform. It is the finest material for furniture. The ash material is tough and has beautiful texture. It is a deciduous tree. The ash solid wood furniture is hard and wear-resistant compared to the pine furniture. Compared to mahogany mahogany furniture, it is affordable and friendly.
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Ash is a relatively common wood for us. Its material is slightly hard. The biggest feature is that the wood grain is clear and beautiful, with good corrosion resistance, water resistance, easy processing, high toughness, good coloring performance and good decorative performance.



The performance of ash wood is stable, its material is tough, it is not easy to crack during use, the texture is rich and beautiful, it is a good choice for furniture.



Next, take a look at the effect of the different angles of this chair.



Comfortable backrest, filled with high-density sponge, soft and comfortable, ergonomically designed to fit the curvature of the spine to achieve overall relaxation.



This lounge chair has an elegant temperament and ergonomic design. The curved plate is made of seven layers of wood, and the cut surface is flat and beautiful.



It adopts high-density sponge seat bag, imported leather seat surface, strong air permeability, and filled with high-density sponge inside. It can carry good load-bearing capacity, is not easy to deform, and has good resilience.



The high-tech polished aluminum alloy feet are firm and strong, and durable, highlighting the quality of life and the value of the chair.



There are many colors to choose from, welcome to leave your message.

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