Hotel Reception Fabric Solid Wood Pillow Coffee Chair

Hotel Reception Fabric Solid Wood Pillow Coffee Chair

This chair is prepared for the Thai exhibition. It is also a sample of furniture ordered by Thai customers.
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Product Details

This seat was recognized by the guests of the Thai Architects Exhibition.

Because they can try to sit in person, this feeling is very real.

This product is used in hotel/apartment reception seats or coffee chairs.


The figure below is the details of the product. We use solid wood as a support and use high gloss treatment. 

We just want the texture of the wood to be naturally revealed.


The back of the chair is wrapped in leather material and feels very good.

The interior is made of a highly elastic and environmentally friendly styling sponge to ensure that it is not easily deformed during long-term use.


This chair brings us fabrics and brackets in two different materials.

Can be customized according to the needs of the guests.


These chairs have been delivered to Thai customers.

They will promote and test this product.