All Solid Wood Windsor Chair White Oak Dining Chair

All Solid Wood Windsor Chair White Oak Dining Chair

Bring good things back to your home and make you feel joy. This set of tables and chairs is exquisite in detail and classic in elegance.
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All Solid Wood Windsor Chair White Oak Dining Chair

Oak, or genus, is a genus of the family Fagaceae. White oak is mainly produced in Asia, Europe and North America.

Oak Dining Chair


Characteristics of North American white oak solid wood furniture:

1) It has a relatively distinctive mountain-shaped wood grain, and the touch surface has a good texture;

2) The texture is solid, the finished product has a firm structure and long service life;

3) High grade, suitable for making high-grade solid wood furniture;

4) Good wood quality, its preciousness is comparable to mahogany furniture;

5) Wood processing is difficult, and the production of pure solid wood furniture using oak as the main material has strong production and processing capabilities and technical requirements.

Oak Dining Chair

Oak Dining Chair


Imported white oak:

Solid wood frame, durable, tough, not easily deformed.

Grinding process:

Fine and smooth polishing, we take care of every piece of wood.

Oak Dining Chair


Wood picking:

The mountain-like texture, without two identical, no color difference, is a natural carving. Create a beautiful home for you.




Design concept:

It is made of large pieces of monolithic imitation, color stitching and elegant texture. Every place exudes natural and original atmosphere. The materials are environmentally friendly, natural, solid and good in weight. It is a good furniture that can be used for a long time.

Oak Dining Chair



Wood and talent:

Art and life combined, practical and comfortable, home choice.

Oak Dining Chair


Oak Dining Chair

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