Golden Wrought Iron Marble Dining Table

Golden Wrought Iron Marble Dining Table

The modern stone dining table has simple and smooth lines, and the delicate and elegant surface makes people feel very comfortable. Natural stone has long been the first choice for people to buy a table because of its natural texture and beautiful color.
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Uniquely inspired by nature, the marble is warm and the high-grade gray and gold are noble and glamorous. The Nordic slender modern design gives obvious symbolic features, and the slender and angled table legs are very modern.




1. No deformation; high hardness and strong wear resistance.

2. Not afraid of acid, sputum erosive, will not rust, do not need oil, not easy to stick dust, maintenance, maintenance is simple and convenient, long service life.

3. No scratches, no constant temperature conditions, and maintain its original physical properties at room temperature.

4. Not affected by moisture, the plane is well defined.



Conical stainless steel, 84° inclination angle, full of personality, unique style. The legs are inclined at 84°, the structure is stable, the vision is perfectly balanced, and the weight can be weighed more than 200kg.



The ends of the table are semi-circular, the surface is imitation marble texture, high temperature resistance, moisture proof, anti-corrosion.






Marble customizable colors:



Champagne gold, noble gold and walnut color, let the color into your room, feel the exquisite luxury and colorful.



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