Hall Tempered Glass Stainless Steel Table

Hall Tempered Glass Stainless Steel Table

The table top is made of tempered glass. Tempered glass is a kind of safety glass, which has strong pressure resistance, cold and shock and impact. Compared with ordinary glass, its strength is several times higher. At the same time, the safety performance is very high, that is, after the fragmentation, it bursts into numerous fine particles, and the damage to the human body is almost negligible. The superiority of safety, high strength and thermal stability of tempered glass is not available in other ordinary glass. At the same time, its price is not expensive, and each square meter is only about ten yuan more expensive than ordinary glass. It can be seen that tempered glass is very feasible as a raw material for glass dining tables.
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Product Details

Rectangular gold stainless steel dining table with stainless steel and tempered glass greatly enhances the durability of the table.

Rectangular metal bracket glass dining table



The glass dining table can better form a good combination with other furniture: simple and clear lines and transparent visual effects make it stand out without being awkward, exquisite style and unique shape, unique in the living room furniture , shining with brilliant brilliance. Especially in the natural light, it is more eye-catching, adding a different warm atmosphere to the living room. In addition, the tempered glass dining table is easy to clean, adapts to the needs of different levels of aesthetics, and can provide the individual needs of the various fashion-conscious people.


Selected stainless steel, electroplated titanium. Thick stainless steel tube, vacuum plating process, bright mirror surface is low-key luxury.



Stainless steel titanium, anti-oxidation, thick wear and corrosion resistance.



Tempered glass table top thickness of 5mm, scratch resistant, high temperature resistance, strong impact resistance, dirt and easy to clean.

Compared with the traditional wooden dining table, the tempered glass dining table is more bold and avant-garde, and the function is more practical. Tempered glass dining table will not be affected by indoor air, and will not be deformed due to unsuitable humidity; it is easier to clean than fabric and leather, occupying less space; it is more environmentally friendly than plastic, no pollution, no radiation; tempered glass dining table The simplicity and style of the game, but also its superiority compared to other products.





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