Simple And Modern Multi-person Washable Hotel Sofa

Simple And Modern Multi-person Washable Hotel Sofa

First, the comfort is busy, come back to the house to enjoy, the seat of the sofa should be comfortable, the seat surface and backrest should be suitable for the surface of the human body's physiological structure. If the living room is small, the chaise can be used as a sofa bed and saves space. Second, it varies from person to person. For the elderly, the height of the sofa sitting surface should be moderate. If it is too low, it is not convenient for the elderly to sit up. For newlyweds, when buying a sofa, it is necessary to consider the safety of the child after birth. Sex and durability, the sofa should not have sharp edges and corners, and its color should be bright and lively. Fourth, it has the ability to move and change, and can change its layout according to needs, giving people a sense of freshness.
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Product Details

Six sets, to meet all the needs of the hotel, the overall atmosphere of fashion, can accommodate a lot of people.



Curved armrest design, moderate height, hand can be comfortably placed on the armrest, the pillow part is wrapped in linen, soft and more comfortable, built-in two sitting stools, convenient and practical.



Adjust the pillow, flip the lifting pillow 360°, and adjust it according to your sitting position to meet your various needs.



Comfortable backrest, ergonomically designed to fit the curve of the human body.



Fully comfortable pillows, pillow-filled eco-friendly doll cotton, good elasticity, durable and not easy to deform, giving the waist a comfortable support.



The seat bag is made of high-quality high-recovery sponge, which has good elasticity, fullness and shape, and the square pulls the design, which makes the bumps have a sense of the three-dimensional fashion.

High-quality high-density sponge, delicate touch and full of elasticity.



A style also has a different color scheme.

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