Solid Wood Classical Sofa Chinese Style Chinese Sofa Combination

Solid Wood Classical Sofa Chinese Style Chinese Sofa Combination

Furniture is a durable product. In order to keep it bright and new, it is necessary to pay attention to the protection of the surface paint of the furniture. After the paint film is scratched, the furniture will lose its luster. Therefore, you should use soft cotton cloth when you usually take care of furniture, and you should carry out regular waxing maintenance.
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Solid Wood Classical Sofa Chinese Style

 Chinese Sofa Combination

After the solid wood panels are painted, there is no unevenness on the surface of the rubber joints and slats, and the physical properties are relatively stable during long-term use

Solid Wood Classical Sofa


Choose rubber wood imported from Thailand

Strictly selected nappa microfiber leather

high-density sponge

Storage tea cabinet

High quality zinc alloy

Solid Wood Classical Sofa


Soft and comfortable seat bag, with carefully selected Napa microfiber leather, soft texture, wicking, breathable, durable and durable.



High-density rebound sponge for excellent comfort and resilience.



Unique design, breaking through the traditional Chinese style, adding a modern leather soft bag design on the side.



Water storage tea cabinet, wide and thick tea cabinet design, both decorative and storage functions.

Solid Wood Classical Sofa


Thick solid wood frame, imported rubber wood, hard texture, durable.



Use brand environmentally friendly paint to protect the health of every customer.




Solid Wood Classical Sofa

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