Swimming pool outdoor waterproof lounge chair

Swimming pool outdoor waterproof lounge chair

How can there be no swimming pool in this holiday project in Qingcheng Mountain? Therefore, the corresponding furniture part also appears here.
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Swimming pool 

outdoor waterproof lounge chair

The swimming pool is divided into indoor and outdoor areas. In order to unify the style, the pool lounge chair design they used was consistent.

The outdoor greening is sufficient, swimming pools and buildings, with well-designed furniture, can you be dissatisfied?


Guests can relax in the indoor heated pool. Wooden-themed doors and windows and lounge chairs express the designer's design elements.

The outdoor pool has a different area, and the recliner used in this area adds cushions for a more comfortable sitting.

The cushions are waterproof and antibacterial, providing guests with attentive service.

We have a high degree of participation in the holiday project in Qingcheng Mountain.

The wooden furniture and decoration used in the interior are provided by our CXD design and products.

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