Villa Luxury High-grade Solid Wood European Leather Soft Bed

Villa Luxury High-grade Solid Wood European Leather Soft Bed

Classic color, consistent luxury, the bed can not only be used for rest, but also can be used for viewing. Solid wood furniture has its own unique style personality. The solid wood is derived from nature, and it combines natural essence with one body to truly show the unique taste of solid wood furniture.
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Every piece of engraving furniture is a work of art. A sculptor has no 6 years of work experience and can not engrave the charm of classical and beautiful furniture. A set of furniture will be applied to the flat knife face method, round knife carving method, relief sculpture, Shallow carving, through-carving, double-sided carving and other carving techniques.



In the middle, a circle is formed, which has a lofty position in culture. It symbolizes the symbol of the traditional culture of the Chinese nation. It symbolizes perfection and fullness. It is a totem advocated by the Chinese people who have been noble since ancient times.

Blessing his master is full, full of round, heart is full, peace and harmony, will not be unbalanced and anxious because of extremes.



Ukrainian wood, smooth cut surface, good paint and gluing performance, the furniture is made of smooth paint surface, flat mechanical strength, flexibility, obvious annual rings, clear pattern, solid and durable.



Every piece of engraving furniture is a work of art. A sculptor who has not worked for 6 years is not able to engrave the charm of classical furniture.


Solid wood backrest, wide and comfortable, the backrest is made of imported top layer of yellow cowhide, delicate and smooth, elegant artistic atmosphere, smooth lines and classical style.



Solid wood base, anti-corrosion and stable, using the stable base made of imported Wujinmu, solid wood material to create a strong bearing product.



The bedside table is moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, stable and durable.




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