Advantages of fixed furniture over other furniture

- Aug 09, 2019-

Fixed furniture generally refers to fixed, wall-mounted, non-removable furniture or siding (decorative panels) with non-movable features.

Fixed furniture is generally responsible for on-site construction and production by the decoration company, and then produced by professional fixed furniture manufacturers and installed on site.

We now summarize the advantages as follows: 

1. The quality of the decoration has been greatly improved:

 All the equipment environment of the factory is designed for the production of wood veneer products. The paint effect produced by the dust-free paint room and the infrared paint room is unmatched by the on-site construction. Wood veneer products tailored to the size of the site will be fully “fit” with the site, making better use of the on-site space. The factory production adopts the standardized and serialized component assembly production process, and the production process is strictly monitored to ensure the quality of the parts. The relative humidity in the south is relatively high in summer, so the wooden decoration is prone to deformation and swelling, and the factory operation effectively solves this problem.


2. The construction period is greatly shortened:

The factory production of wood veneer products reduces the construction site operation and simplifies the process. At the same time, the factory (integrated home production base) carries out the simultaneous production. After the on-site basic process is completed, the wood products can be assembled on site. Can greatly shorten the construction period.


3. Achieved environmental protection requirements:

Since the decoration parts are all produced in advance, a lot of work such as on-site painting and bonding is reduced, and the pollution of indoor air is greatly reduced, which can be completed only by assembling and assembling, thereby reducing noise such as on-site planing and sawing. In addition, the decoration parts are treated in a special process during the production process. The residents do not have to worry about the harmful gases in the newly renovated houses, so that they are truly environmentally friendly and safe, and respect the people and the environment. 


4. Easy to control costs:

Fixed furniture can be processed in the factory to control the cost of raw materials. Unlike on-site construction, due to the large working surface, on-site management can not be all-inclusive, and it is easy to cause material waste.


5. Improve the taste of decoration:

Fixing furniture, partitions, doors and other wooden products can be produced and painted. Uniform design in style, uniform arrangement in size, the overall effect is more coordinated and more beautiful. In addition, the production of large-scale machinery and equipment can ensure the flatness and accuracy of all woodworking products, improve the taste of decoration, and achieve perfect results.


For two consecutive articles, I hope that you have a certain understanding of the fixed furniture.

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