Chinese screen movement and active partition form

- Dec 05, 2018-

The way of our country's screens. The height depends on the demand. For example, it can be used to block the visual field of the stand. It can be 1.5 to 2 meters. If it is used to block the view of the seater, it can be 1.2 to 1.5 meters. Offices, restaurants, exhibition halls, etc. can also be used to move up and down. The Nantong mobile partition requires a removable and movable space. It is assembled from a lightweight partition unit that is the same height as the ceiling of the room or as long as the height of the room. 

The fan unit is generally 6 to 12 cm thick and 60 to 120 cm wide. It is made of wood or thin-walled metal profiles, and double-sided plywood, fiberboard or gypsum board.

Some also fill the interior of honeycomb paper to enhance the rigidity, or fill the mineral wool to improve the sound insulation. Some small meetings; for example, the interval between activities, generally our company's factory buildings may be rented, for various reasons, we inevitably have to replace the local. On the contrary, the interval of activity separation of Nantong activities can be removed, taken away, and reorganized. Therefore, the activity interval has the reputation of moving screens that can be taken away! The activity interval has high sound insulation, fireproof, movable, simple operation and so on. Suitable star hotel banquet hall, high-grade colors and lights have obvious signs and metaphors, they are also spaced. The warmth and color of the lights and the gathering of lights can reflect the certain theme and the atmosphere of construction. This is our recognized reality. Hotel partitions in the planning and decoration of black, white and gray are called achromatic, also known as neutral colors. Everything in the color system is reconciled with them.

First, how to open the multi-directional screen All operations should be gentle, and should pay attention to safety. Facing the screen, use both hands to catch the screen on both sides of the screen to gently pull the screen; then scroll the screen in the direction of the rail. After pushing the screen to the position it should be placed, fix the screen. Tip: When pushing the screen to the intersection, the electric activity partition should pay attention to the direction of the rail, and then push the screen along the rail to the position where it should be placed.

Second, how to fix the multi-directional screen one hand to hold the screen, the other hand put the handle into the hexagonal steel at the side of the screen 1100MM, catch the handle to roll 180 degrees clockwise (or continuously) ; The elastic seal inside the screen will pop up to fix the screen. Puncture the handle into the groove on the side of the screen, and pull the handle up to open the elastic seal inside the screen to fix the screen. After putting the whole set of screens, do you observe whether the screen is straight? Whether the movable partition wall is on the same plane as the rail, if it is not straight, then the upper and lower elastic seals are adjusted to adjust until the screen is straight.

Third, how to operate the multi-directional elastic plate screen Generally, the final side of each group of screens is a flexible screen, push the screen to the position that should be placed, and then pull the hand up in the side of the vertical groove The upper and lower movable seals are ejected, and then the handle is placed in the operation hole of the elastic screen outer surface, and rolls in the counterclockwise direction until the elastic aluminum plate on the side stops the wall.

4. How to operate the multi-directional screen door. The door is pushed to the position where the door should be placed and the front screen is tight. The handle is pierced into the groove on the side of the screen, and the handle is turned up to open the inside side of the screen. The elastic seal secures the screen. Open the small door and pry the handle into the operation hole of the other side of the screen to move the handle upwards. Open the elastic seal on the other side of the screen to fix the screen.

5. How to collect multi-directional screens

1. If there is a door in the door, the movable screen can be rotated 180 degrees through the square holes on both sides of the door. The upper and lower seals are loosened by the drive wheel, and then the door is closed.

2. Open the elastic aluminum plate and the upper and lower seals of the final screen;

3. Recycling the elastic aluminum plate of the final screen, so that the interval between them can at least scroll the screen;

4. Push the screen along the direction of the rail to the position of the screen;

5. After each set of screens is collected in the same way, press each of the two screens to minimize the gap between the screen and the screen. If necessary, the upper and lower movable seals of the final screen placed at the Tibetan board can be opened to make it press the rails and the ground, so as to prevent others from pulling the screen out.