Furniture customization will become more and more common

- Dec 05, 2018-

In the market, furniture ordering has been attracting attention in recent years. It has the characteristics of small footprint, high flexibility, simple function conversion, novel design, convenient use and comfortable use. Sofas are not like sofas, stools are not like stools, beds are not like beds, desks are not like writing desks, they are diversified, flexible, and economical, and they are playing an increasingly important role in life.

When it comes to furniture ordering, did you think of all kinds of convenient furniture made of synthetic materials? Isn't it? Folding drying racks, herringbone ladders, and computer desks are all available, and the price is not high enough for simple and convenient home life. But for those who pursue quality of life, gentle and elegant wood furniture is the first choice. Is there any wood furniture that is both "practical and convenient" and "elegant and stable"? And take a look at the "space magic" of the rapidly growing custom furniture in recent years.

In the new standard home showroom, the reporter saw an invisible bed, put it down as a bed, and put it up, it became a decorative cabinet, completely integrated with the bookcase, not only very space-saving, but also very light and easy to push and pull, gently It can be easily operated with force. Another multi-functional tatami, with a crescent-shaped handle, hides the storage compartment below, and divides it into zero pieces to form different storage spaces. With the electric and hand-operated control systems, the tea table can be free. Lifting, quiet tea room seconds change comfortable bedroom.

According to the survey, these kinds of furniture are not all complex institutions or new materials. A set of linkages, several flexible connections, wheels, buckles, slides and many other simple but elaborate structures can also achieve new functions. . Rotating table, folding sofa chair, combination bookcase... Users can complete the transformation between different functions of furniture by simply changing, flipping, folding and rotating according to the design. As a result, these seemingly simple furniture are customized. It brings freshness and more convenience and practicality to the home life, while giving people a mechanized feeling, just as interesting as Transformers.