Future of Environment-friendly Curtain Wall

- Dec 05, 2018-

With the development and construction of cities, the annual output and ownership of building curtain walls in China has ranked first in the world. In recent years, with the intensification of competition, market saturation and profit reduction, all people engaged in curtain wall industry are thinking: what kind of curtain wall does the market need? Energy-saving and environment-friendly curtain wall products will lead the future market. Double curtain wall is a new field advocated by curtain wall enterprises in recent years, which is lower than single curtain wall in building energy consumption. With the concept of energy-saving and environmental protection being deeply rooted in people's minds, the double-layer ventilation curtain wall has good environmental protection, energy-saving performance, as well as more changes brought by the novel structure to the external decoration of buildings.

Classification and characteristics of double curtain walls:

I. Internal circulation double curtain wall

1. The outer curtain wall is enclosed by hollow glass and insulating profiles. The inner curtain wall adopts single-layer glass or single-layer aluminum alloy doors and windows, which can be opened. With mechanical ventilation, air enters the passageway from the floor or underground vent and flows into the roof through the upper vent.

2. Because the air intake is indoor air, the air temperature in the passage is basically the same as that in the room. Therefore, the energy of heating and refrigeration can be saved, which is more advantageous to the heating area. Because internal ventilation needs mechanical equipment and photoelectric control blinds or shading system, it has higher technical requirements and costs.

2. External circulation double curtain wall

The outer curtain wall is made of single-layer glass, with an air inlet at the lower part and an air outlet at the upper part. The inner curtain wall is made of hollow glass and heat insulation profiles, and has open windows or doors. It does not need special machinery and equipment. It completely relies on natural ventilation to radiate heat from the sun. It is discharged outdoors through the outlet on the passage. Open upper and lower vents in summer for natural exhaust cooling. Close the upper and lower vents in winter and use the solar radiation heat to enter the room through the open doors or windows, which can utilize the heat energy and reduce the loss of indoor heat energy.

3. Double-layer curtain wall with integrated internal and external circulation

1. It should be more flexible to adapt to the external weather and climate conditions, not only to the single cycle of internal or external circulation. It has a better balance between summer and winter, and reduces the dependence on other systems, which is conducive to improving the comprehensive energy-saving effect.

2. Channels are usually set for ventilation only, with a width of 100-300 mm. When there are maintenance and cleaning requirements, the width is 500-900mm. When it is used for rest, sightseeing and walking, its width is more than 900mm, and it is equipped with grilles.

Faced with this higher level of demand, curtain wall on a solid and durable basis, more attention should be paid to the development of environmental protection, and the production of unique curtain wall products, on the basis of practical beauty, but also strive to decorate our city home.