Hotel leather sofa purchase

- Apr 27, 2020-

The leather sofa of the hotel has been worn for a long time and is durable. It is very popular among people because of its luxurious style and strong and durable characteristics. So, when we buy, what do we need to pay attention to?


  1. Distinguish whether it is genuine leather.

    Leather sofa is divided into leather and PU. Genuine leather is natural leather, mainly using cowhide; PU is artificial leather, synthesized. The performance and price of the two types of leather are very different, and they must be distinguished when buying.

    Generally, natural leather has regular natural pores and fine lines. This is not the case with PU. In addition, they can be distinguished from the cross section. Natural leather is made of interwoven leather fibers, while PU is not.

  2. Purchase according to material

    A leather is actually a broad term. Pigskin, horseskin, donkeyskin, and cowhide are all materials that can be used to make leather. When you buy, you need to identify what kind of leather is used to make the sofa.

    We generally use cowhide, which is soft, thick, and of the best quality. Nowadays sofas usually use buffalo leather, which is thicker and cheaper. Of course, there are many varieties of cowhide, which will affect the quality and price.

    Other leathers are easy to peel off after a long period of time and are not durable, so the price is cheaper.

  3. Pay attention to the sofa skeleton of hotel furniture design

    Whether the sofa skeleton is strong is related to the service life and quality of the sofa.

    The specific method is to lift one side of the sofa, and pay attention to whether the sofa legs on the other side are off the ground when the lifting part is about 10 cm apart.

    Only if the other side is also off the ground, the inspection will be passed. This can test the strength of the skeleton.

  4. Filling material for sofa

    The filling material mainly refers to the sponge. According to the elasticity, the sponge is divided into high elasticity, super soft high elasticity and medium elasticity. The specific method is to press the armrest and backrest of the sofa by hand to feel the elasticity. In addition, if you can clearly feel the presence of the wooden frame, it means that the packaging density of the sofa is low and the elasticity is poor. The easy-press wooden frame of the sofa will also accelerate the wear of the sofa surface and shorten the life of the sofa.