How many kinds of hotel furniture sofas are there?

- Dec 05, 2018-

With the increasing improvement of life, hotels now pay more and more attention to sofa. Home sofa occupies a larger proportion in Hotel suites. At present, sofa materials are diverse. Hotel furniture sofa types are: wooden sofa, metal sofa, plastic moulding sofa, inflatable sofa.

1.Wooden sofa

A sofa made of wood as the main frame material is called a wooden sofa. The inner frame of the sofa is assembled by several wooden parts according to different patterns and joints such as tenons and nails. The basic manufacturing technology of the software part is to install the bottom belt and spring on the frame, and cover it with linen cloth, paving filler and finishing material. Wooden sofa has a long history of making. Because of the convenience of forming wooden frame, it has more styles and is more comfortable and soft to use. It has become the preferred variety for hotel furniture sofa making. There are many auxiliary materials for wooden sofa, the manufacturing process is complex, and the technical accuracy is high. Because most of the furniture sofas in wooden hotels are hand-made and time-consuming, the cost is high.

2. Metal sofa

Metal sofas are usually supported by main structural materials such as various pipe materials, flat steel or oxidized aluminium profiles. The structure of the soft part of the sofa is similar to that of the wooden sofa. Metal hotel furniture sofa has the characteristics of strong material strength, firm structure, simple technology, elegant appearance and high production efficiency.

Because the frame materials used in metal hotel furniture sofa are all kinds of metal materials, it has good elasticity and plasticity of mechanical processing. Pipes can be bent into various arcs, with soft and smooth structural features. Metal sofa is easy to adopt various structural forms, easy to carry out rich surface decoration.

3. Plastic Formed Sofa

Plastic moulding sofa is a sofa made of glass fiber or plastic as structural material, which is poured or moulded, and then coated with cushion. Plastic-formed hotel furniture sofa updates the traditional sofa production process, with beautiful appearance, simple technology, lightweight use, durable, sitting feeling and so on. At present, few hotels use this kind of sofa.

4. Inflatable sofa

Inflatable sofa is a kind of soft Hotel furniture, which combines load-bearing skeleton and elastic cushion delicately. It is made of non-permeable elastic materials such as plastic film or rubber. Through inflating and utilizing the tension of air, it forms a certain shape for sitting and lying.

Inflatable sofa is divided into integral inflatable sofa and split inflatable sofa. The integral inflatable sofa has complex structure and difficult maintenance. Split inflatable sofa is a kind of inflatable sofa which uses a series of different shapes of single airbags and combines them into different shapes in a certain way. Because their components are independent and simple, they are easy to process and maintain.