How to choose office furniture?

- Dec 05, 2018-

As a branch of furniture industry, China office furniture industry has achieved rapid development along with the continuous updating of production technology, the increasing variety, the gradual formation of specialized production and the continuous improvement of management level. Next, let's take a look at the choices of office furniture.

I. Use of low-burning materials

1) Desk group series: Desk panel is low burning beauty board and plastic plywood, not easy to burn, if unfortunately fire occurs, plastic plywood releases the lowest level of smoke, reduces smoke inhalation, plastic plywood does not drip glue and sap, and reduces the chance of burns.

2) Screen Furniture System: Aluminum Wiring Groove, PVC Conduit, Steel Screen Frame and Interface, Preventing Electromagnetic Interference and Wire Entanglement, Reducing the Opportunity of Fire Caused by Electrical Faults and Reducing the Opportunity of Fire.

3) Seat Series: Non-combustion-supporting seat cloth, low-burning foam, reducing unexpected fire alarm, low-burning foam will not produce excessive toxic gases and smoke, providing more time to escape.

2. It has high cost performance and can be disassembled and assembled.

3. Identify green environmental protection:

1. Look for green signs.

2. Smell - Make the irritating smell nowhere to hide.

3. Ask --- Knowing the background is twice the battle.

4. Cutting-the marvelous effect of tightly sealed edges.