How to correctly understand the glue in the furniture?

- Oct 21, 2019-

(1) Water-based glue

Water-based glue refers to the water-adjustable glue in the glue. It uses the bond between the fireproof board in the furniture and the splint or particle board, and the bond between the boards, such as: the door MDF and the door core honeycomb paper. , all with water gel. Its characteristics: low price, good environmental protection, but the bonding curing time is more than 4 hours. The production cycle is long, the production operation is simple, and the methods such as brushing and wiping can be used.

Due to the long processing cycle of the water-based glue, the impact on the emergency order is large, and on the other hand, the artificial coating is easy to be uneven, thereby causing quality accidents such as foaming and local deformation.

(2) Solvent glue

At present, the solvent glue is made of a solvent without benzene. The main body of the glue is a polymer material such as a resin. The adhesive curing time is faster than that of the water-based glue, and the method can also be sprayed with a spray gun, so that time and labor are saved, and the glue coating is uniform.

At present, the screen and the screen cloth are bonded, the seat, the sofa sponge and the cloth are bonded, and the glue is sprayed, so that it can be placed or installed.

Solvent glue is used in solid wood products, most of which are bonded between solid wood (such as sofa legs and frames) and between sheets and veneers.

The solvent gel curing form is different from the water-based glue. The latter is to cure the water evaporation process, while the former is mostly cured by the action of "oxygen" in the air or the internal molecules are self-heating due to the action of oxygen.

When the solvent glue is sprayed with sponge, styling cotton or different cloths, the selected models are different, mainly because the above materials are also polymer materials. When used incorrectly, it will degumming, foaming and dehydration. Two items of adhesion test: resistance to ambient temperature (high and low temperature) and weather resistance test (ie, ultraviolet aging). In addition, the solvent glue is also divided into glass glue, metal glue, glass and metal glue.


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