How to determine the style of hotel furniture?

- Dec 05, 2018-

How to determine and choose the style of modern hotel furniture customization manufacturers? The choice of hotel furniture can not be arbitrary. The choice of furniture directly affects the overall image of the hotel. There are many ways to choose hotel furniture. First of all, the style of the hotel should be clear. Only the choice of furniture matching the hotel can add to the hotel's icing on the cake. In order to ensure the uniformity and matching of hotel style, hotel management companies often invite professional hotel design companies to do hotel furniture configuration, and transfer the matched scheme to the corresponding furniture companies for bidding production. We can carry it out as required. Fixed furniture is designed in accordance with Party A's design.

Modern hotels are mostly neoclassical Jane-European style and modern style. So hotel furniture is also dominated by this style. And some Western hotels will add some oriental cultural elements to the hotel space design, which has a special charm.

Hotel furniture, as one of the carriers of hotel design style, is the main element reflecting different cultural characteristics and providing different functions. Professional hotel furniture pays attention to creating a unique hotel culture atmosphere for customers, which reflects the considerateness of people from the most subtle point. Hotel furniture and hotel indoor environment are integrated and complement each other. There are many types of hotel furniture, but from the point of view of both the guests and the hotel side, the room is the most important place. The eight styles of hotel furniture are: first to avant-garde, modern simplicity, elegance, new Chinese, neoclassical, European classical, American rural and Mediterranean style. Each design style corresponds to different lifestyles at the same time: modern avant-garde corresponds to alternative: modern simplicity corresponds to fashion; elegance corresponds to elegance; new Chinese corresponds to nostalgia; new classical corresponds to nobility; European classical corresponds to magnificence; American rural corresponds to leisure; Mediterranean corresponds to romance.