How to Extend the Service Life of Solid Wood Hotel Furniture

- Dec 05, 2018-

I. Selection of Sheet Metal

If you want to choose good solid wood Hotel furniture, its material should be paid attention to first. In order to achieve waterproof and moisture-proof, environmental protection materials must meet the national E1 standard.

2. Furniture installation process of solid wood hotel should be in place. When installing wardrobe, it is often necessary to drill holes in the box board. Multifunctional edge-sealing tape can tightly wrap the cutting edge of the board and play a better role of waterproof and moisture-proof. If the installation is inappropriate, it is easy to leave a gap, water vapor can take advantage of the opportunity, we must find a professional hotel furniture factory to install.

3. It is very important to protect the back of furniture in solid wood hotels. Back veneer can not only waterproof, but also prolong the life of furniture. In the process of selecting Hotel furniture, we must pay attention to the details on the back. Double decorative veneer back panel can completely avoid the exposure of density board substrate, water no longer has the opportunity to enter the board from the back of the cabinet body, waterproof and moisture-proof play a key role.

If the above three details are well done, the service life of solid wood hotel furniture will be longer.