How to grasp the size of furniture

- Apr 25, 2020-

How to grasp the size of furniture?

This question is a bit confusing, now we share some experience with you based on engineering experience.


  1.  What is the distance between the couch and the coffee table in front of it?

    Recommended size: 30cm

    It is very comfortable to place a (130 * 70 * 45cm) rectangular coffee table in front of a (240 * 90 * 75cm) couch. The ideal distance between the two should allow you to pass alone while being easy to use That is to say, it is convenient to get the objects on the table without standing up.

  2.  What is the minimum size of the combination cabinet where the TV can be placed?

    Reference size: 200 * 50 * 180cm

    Such furniture usually consists of squares of different sizes. The higher part is more suitable for books. The thickness of the cabinet should be at least 30 cm; the thickness of the lower TV cabinet should be at least 50 cm. At the same time, the overall height and width of the combination cabinet should also be considered in harmony with the wall area.


  3.  How high should the backrest of the sofa or armrest be?

    Reference size: 85-90cm

    The height of the head can rest completely on it, so that your neck can be completely relaxed. If the backrest and armrests of the sofa are too low, it is recommended that you add a cushion for comfortable support. If the space is not particularly spacious, the sofa should be placed against the wall as much as possible.

  4.  How tall should the wardrobe be?

    Regular size 240cm

  5.  This size allows for longer clothes (160cm) to be put down in the closet, and there is space (80cm) in the upper part for seasonal clothes.


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