Important Skills of Customized Solid Wood Furniture

- Dec 05, 2018-

1. Look at the wood grain and scar

Material selection

Nowadays, there are more than ten kinds of trees used for custom-made solid wood furniture in the market, such as beech, teak, maple, oak, Manchurian ash, birch, elm, poplar, basswood and pine, among which beech, oak and Manchurian ash are the most precious and the corresponding prices are higher. In the choice of style, because solid wood furniture is durable, it is wise to choose a style that is neither fashionable nor outdated.

Look at patterns and scars

Solid wood furniture has natural wood texture, a good solid wood board, you can see a pattern from the front, open the cabinet door, the corresponding position can also see the corresponding pattern. Similarly, pure wood boards generally have scars on the positive side of the location, on the other side should also have scars.

2. Look, feel and press

"Three look"

Customized solid wood furniture depends first on materials. Generally good solid wood furniture, open cabinet doors, drawers, its wood dry, white, clear texture, compact texture, delicate. At the same time, good solid wood furniture requires no irritating smell after opening cabinet doors or drawers.

Look at the components again. When purchasing solid wood furniture, we should carefully check the stress parts of furniture, such as sofa legs, pillars, load-bearing bars between connecting pillars near the ground, to ensure that there are no large scars or cracks, cracks; check the sliding and positioning of drawers, open all cabinet doors and drawers, to see whether the screw at the joint of components is tightened or not; Whether the board has been edge-sealed or not, various accessories are installed with many parts, no leakage nails, no penetration nails.

Finally, it depends on the origin. If the moisture content of solid wood furniture is higher than 1% of the average moisture content in the use area, cracking, deformation, loose shelf, warping and other phenomena may occur.

"Two touch":

It is to touch whether the surface is smooth, good solid wood furniture surface is flat, there will be no protrusion and other issues; and then touch furniture corners and other parts, if there are rough, paint too thick phenomenon, it shows that the processing technology is poor.

"One pressure":

When custom-made solid wood furniture, it is necessary to lightly press the various stress points of furniture, such as pillar angle, drawer or shelf support, to test whether it is stable.

3. Choose the quality of paint.

The surface of the board is called paint board after being processed by paint. Three essentials and three nonexistences should be paid attention to when selecting.

Third, the "want" is: the paint surface should be uniform, smooth and even (not included in chamfers).

Three "nothing" is: no leakage paint, no bubbles, no cracks.