Is the sound insulation effect of the hotel activity screen good?

- Dec 05, 2018-

Nowadays, many hotels use the partitions with better sound insulation to carry out the decoration. The development process of the activity partition is relatively long. The pursuit of high-quality compartment moving doors is the dream that our customers have been pursuing. Nantong mobile partitions in order to make the hotel screen The soundproof wall wall exceeds 60 decibels. It is not enough to just consider the thickness of the screen or the thickening of the movable screen. The real cause of the sound insulation is mainly the density of the raw materials, the way of production, the treatment of sound insulation, etc. The partition thinks that if you want to move the partition screen so that the screen achieves very good sound insulation, you must have the following points:

1. The profiles of the hotel's activity screens must be hard and horizontal and vertical, so that when the moving doors are combined, they can seamlessly seal well and achieve true sound insulation.

2, in the soundproof material to do the processing of double-layer production method and the use of higher density of cotton, so as to prevent heavy bass.

3, the hotel's activity screen seal to do special treatment, Nantong activity partition inside should be natural sound insulation material instead of sponge.

4, hotel activities around the screen is best to use sound-absorbing curtains and fabric tables and benches and carpets.

5. All the soundproof walls are made of elastic vertical contact surfaces, and the concave and convex grooves are closely matched to ensure the best closure and sound insulation.

6, hotel activities screen sliding door finishes should use sound-absorbing panels or sound-absorbing flame retardant cloth instead of ordinary MDF.