The Style Of Light Luxury Furniture

- Jul 27, 2020-


The main features of light luxury furniture:

1.     The fusion of modern and classic.

2.     Simple and pure color application.

3.     Multiple functions in small spaces.

4.     Highlight personality and beauty.

The color of light luxury furniture:

   Light tan: as a neutral color, is a change of coffee color. It has a warm and heavy feeling, in line with the spirit of light luxury.

   Lvory white: Ivory white is a high-profile color. With its unique creamy color, it gives a new definition of light luxury. The warm ivory color can express a heavy and elegant texture.

   Milk coffee: As a very neutral color, milk coffee is very suitable for light luxury performance, such as brown mirror, brown floor, milk coffee paint, etc.

   Black and charcoal gray: Black means no color. Black must be given to reflective materials to reflect the unique gorgeousness, such as black glass, black velvet, black leather, etc.

The material of the light luxury furniture:

   Glass and metal: glass and metal are usually jewelry and diamond with evening dress, and some shining elements can show the trend of decoration and classicism, which is an important expression of luxury. For example: rose gold, tungsten steel inlaid in the door panel, embellishment incomparable.

   Leather: leather is used to match the belts and purses of evening dresses. It is also an important material for light and luxury. It is usually expressed in sofas, coffee tables, or soft pillows, etc. It also includes the partial use of leather soft bag materials to make the wall background.

   Velvet: various kinds of velvet are made from fashionable clothes. The dark, dull and lustrous texture is very suitable for the light and luxurious temperament. It is usually used in furniture fabrics.

   Warm wood veneer: wood has a unique temperature, whether it is dark or light, it is very helpful for the performance of light luxury. The temperature of wood can enhance the warmth of the whole home.