What is a decorative film?

- Oct 23, 2019-

(1) Boeing Software

This material is essentially a blown film forming of PVC plastic, which is controlled by a film blowing machine and a die to control the width and thickness. At present, most of the thickness is 0.18~0.22 for surface coating of the board. The Boeing film surface texture pattern is molded by a molding process, and in addition, it is coated with a self-adhesive glue. It is characterized by low cost and convenient use. The disadvantage is that the temperature is changed due to temperature changes in the material forming, which causes difficulty in coloring, and there are differences in each batch. Since PVC is a flame retardant material, the Boeing film also plays a flame retardant role after being applied to the building materials. The disadvantage is that the individual oil trace glue is degummed when the glue is applied, the adhesion is not good, the foaming is easy, and the surface hardness is poor. Therefore, the production environment of the Boeing Film Factory determines the quality of the product.

(2) Decorative film

The decorative film has melamine paper and fireproof board film. Both of these are polymer materials and are not flammable. Therefore, the plate after bonding is also called fireproof board or fireproof board.

The MFC board is a processing combination of melamine paper and plain board. Generally, it is processed by special factory equipment. The back side of the fireproof board is coated with rubber and the plain board is coated with rubber. The cold press can be applied to the furniture after cold pressing for 8 hours.

(3) Veneer overlay

There are many kinds of veneer materials. Common veneers are mixed wood, eucalyptus, oak, walnut, maple, and eucalyptus. The market veneer thickness is generally 0.3mm, but for products with higher quality requirements, since the surface sanding work is carried out after the coating, the 0.3mm veneer is easily broken, so the high quality product is generally applied at 0.5~0.6mm.

Wood veneer is coated with water-based glue and solvent glue. Water-based glue is used for large areas, and solvent glue is used for bonding of local or small-area wood.

The veneer has different prices because of different tree species. For example, the price per square of miscellaneous veneer is 3-4 times higher than that of walnut. The price of veneer is roughly as follows: walnut, maple/eucalyptus, oak, elm, and miscellaneous.

The veneer has different surface texture and wood grain nodes due to different origins. Two types of veneer lines, such as straight lines and mountain lines, are currently used more. The veneer is naturally natural, but there are also artificial veneer: technical wood. Its veneer features clear lines and ordering, no wooden eyes and dead knots.

Because the tree species and the annual rings are different, the width of the single piece of veneer is also divided into small and small. Therefore, the veneer should be processed or stenciled when it is processed and processed, and the texture is similar to the natural grain. The veneer stitching is carried out by sewing the "line" like sewing clothes. The "line" is actually a kind of heating and melting into glue. The glue is called hot melt adhesive. The scientific name is EVA glue, which is also a kind of thermoplastic.

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