What is a melamine board?

- Mar 26, 2020-

What is a melamine board? Are melamine boards toxic? These questions will often be asked, CXD below introduces products for everyone.


Melamine board has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, moisture resistance, and fire resistance. The chemical properties of melamine board determine its stability. You can't believe the rhetoric of furniture dealers, but you will not lie when it comes to elemental attributes. Human, so the high-quality melamine board is qualified by random inspection. As long as the melamine in the board is not eaten, it will not cause harm to the human body, and melamine is normally not volatile and will not cause harm to the human body. So the melamine board is not poisonous.

Melamine board is light, mildew-proof, fire-resistant, heat-resistant, earthquake-resistant, easy to clean, and renewable. It is fully in line with the established guidelines of energy saving and ecological protection, so people in the industry also call it ecological board. In addition to solid wood furniture, all kinds of high-end panel furniture have the participation of melamine panels. Adding melamine boards to the mid-to-high-end overall wardrobe can effectively prevent the environmental pollution caused by formaldehyde and urea-formaldehyde resins used as preservatives. In addition, melamine boards can also be used to replace wooden boards and aluminum-plastic boards to make mirror surfaces and high resistance Grinding, anti-static, relief, metal and other finishes.


Performance of melamine decorative board:

1. It can imitate various patterns arbitrarily and has bright color. It is used as the veneer of various artificial boards and wood. It has high hardness, abrasion resistance and good heat resistance.

2, General chemical resistance, resistance to general acid, alkali, grease and alcohol and other solvents.

3, the surface is smooth and clean, easy to maintain and clean.

Melamine boards have excellent properties not available in natural wood, so they are often used in interior architecture and the decoration of various furniture and cabinets.

Melamine board is a wall decoration material. Some people use melamine boards to counterfeit composite floors for floor decoration, which is not suitable.

Common specifications: 2440mm × 1220mm, thickness 1.5-1.8mm.


Melamine itself is very toxic and relatively stable. It will not be free of toxicity after curing. Whether the melamine board made of furniture pollutes the air depends on the medium-density board or particle board substrate used by the melamine board. If the formaldehyde emission of the substrate reaches environmental protection standards, melamine will not aggravate the material pollution, and the melamine board does not have any odor. The odor is produced by the lower-quality medium-density density boards and coatings, which use formaldehyde or other substances in the binder or additives. There is no such thing as finding no formaldehyde at all, but the accumulation of various furniture can easily cause formaldehyde in the decorated house to exceed the standard. Therefore, it is necessary to keep ventilation for several months after decoration, and check in after the harmful gas in the air reaches the national standard.