What is fixed furniture?

- Aug 09, 2019-

Fixed furniture generally refers to fixed, wall-mounted, non-removable furniture or siding (decorative panels) that have immovable features. Fixed furniture is generally responsible for the on-site construction of the renovation company. 


However, there are many shortcomings in the construction of the site. The production quality is not good, the harmful substances pollute the environment, and the construction noise seriously affects the life and work of the residents. It is also difficult to maintain and maintain. Later, people gradually processed fixed furniture through outsourcing factories. The factory is standardized at the factory according to the design drawings and technical requirements, and then shipped to the site for assembly and molding.微信图片_20190809090734

Classification of fixed furniture:

Decorative board: usually MDF, particle board or solid wood, processed and formed, coated on the surface, formed by joints.

Decorative soft bag: soft bag molding in fabric, leather and other materials.

Fixed furniture: generally fixed cabinets (wall cabinets), etc., which are characterized by non-movable and integrated with wall ceilings.


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